Still up all night.

Maybe it's taking me a little longer than expected

To be this plugged in and still so disconnected 

Can you relate

And what's twisted is even with the method written down

I'm still paving these short cuts

Ain't really that far ahead


Let's go for a walk.

I ain't been through it all,

But I've been through a lot.

We could have a talk

Smoke some pot

I could tell you bout some dumb shit I bought 


I don't own any rocks

Still rolling out of bed looking for a mismatched pair of dirty socks

Still cutting my dog short on walks

Some days are brighter than others

Most of the time I wish you'd let me sit alone and suffer? Or nah

How can you expect a change when you keep putting up a fight? Throw down the hammer and insist YOUR vision is right

Come correct or get corrected

Optometrist light



Arrive late

And go home

Honestly I might

Turn things around

That's the type of things I let keep me up at night 

It's all I've got now


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