Cutting Ties

Somehow I woke up alive again 
I’m not sure who to thank
You’ve given me purpose 
Even when purpose felt like some achy bitch that stank 
Complaining with intentions
Desire to grow on
Move on from the past
Stop predicting the future
Riding in the present is all

Wrapped up in your judgement 
Does it really matter where I’m from?
I could have managed your local corner store
Would you think that means I had it all?
A sense of community 
People alike?
So lonely I’m not even sure 
Maybe I might be a dyke
Nah you right
I’m thinking too far into things now
Wish I had some dick to hang with 
Who also knew how to clown around
Had enough attitude, yea It’s got a rang to it...
I roll with my dog and my dog knows what’s good
Barking at anyone outside of the squad 
Keeping people out of my hood 

That’s fine
Rise and grind 
Shake off the shade
Raise me into my light
Been in my own lane for so long 
This doesn’t feel right

I know you want me to take the detour 
but I know another route....

We can navigate this together

If not, maybe I’ll see you around


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