Driving with my eyes closed

I like to remind my friends that I love them
The only time I ever hear the words ‘I love you’
Is when I close my eyes and thank God
I haven’t put a bullet through my head
or gone entirely insane.
I take it personally and it hurts me when they don’t say it back
how do I stop loving them?
That’s what I’m supposed to do?
“Ask for help, but leave me alone.”
- Is the fine print of friendship
Does anyone really love me enough to care about how I’m doing?
How was your day?

How do I love myself enough to let them go?
Is it normal not to have anyone to love when you don’t have a loving family?
They say it takes a village.
I should be dead by now.

Where do I go?
Where do I go from HERE?

I guess I just leave you all alone.
Stop cluttering the feeds of your instagram.
Stop posting pictures when I feel good.
They don’t like them anyways.
You never liked me. I was convenient.

This street is so one-way.

Your selfishness bleeds.
Glass on the floor.
I care so much that it gets in the way of giving.
I have nothing to give you,
Ive allowed you to take everything
Maybe everything is nothing.
I’ve got nothing.


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