Shit some 2014

Let go
Let everything in
Baby boy, wearing your thoughts pretty thin
I got tired, decided to force a grin
Hard to get right when nothing’s left within

If you don’t have love for you
Don’t come running to me
There’s some things you should solve
Been there before, to be honest
It took some therapy

Chop it up,
Lay your brick,
One at a time,
Never lickity split,
Grind time honey,
Don’t give up 
Don’t quit 

I am the sun. 
You were my moon.
You were the johnny
To my June 
The melody to this tune
Let me animate the beat
Sketch up these words like a cartoon.

My thoughts do more damage than a typhoon. 
I’m stuck in 2009
I can’t forget you

You moved on
I’m moving up
Without you it won’t be enough 
You moved on 
I’m moving up
Dancing with the devil gets you real tough
This still isn’t enough 

I’ll never get over you 
You’ll never get over me
I’ll never get over you
You’ll never get over me

At least in my dreams
I sit with you, not as far as it may seem
That’s what I prefer to believe 
I could stare into your eyes forever 
Underneath that willow tree

Now you’re off dating models
As I lay rotting in this room
A lotus blooming beautifully stuck to memories
Gorilla glue

Never ready for reality 
I rather suffer with my delusions

Believe what I feel, 
Call it my tropical illusion 


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