you could, roll wit, me.

i wish people didn’t judge others negatively for hiding behind their phones. 😢

do i feel that they have hurt our generations ability to communicate? yes! it sucks. you can’t change the way someone has been grown, though. 

for so many people, phones have been the ONLY WAY OUT! perhaps our only family or connection to someone to remind us we are loved even when no one was present.  

phones have saved lives, kept us connected when we feel alone and helped us find an outlet and relate to other people and situations when we had nowhere and nothing.

if you’re afraid to talk to me and need to text me when we are under the same roof, anywhere, anytime, i will always love you anyways. always and forever.

i empathize with the anxiety that it is difficult to feel connected in a wireless world. we will be okay one day. 🌹 

one call away like CHINGY, baby.


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