You need love.
You seek validation.
You pray for acceptance.
You expect rejection.
You sit on the weak floor of failure.

Paradoxically, loneliness seems to be more acute in large cities - they say.
Do you crave something desolate when it gets loud?
Where do you go when things get quiet?

Pain for pleasure. A paradox.

I guess I’ve been looking for the love of my life.
In love with too many men,
So I’ll never be a wife.
Juggling gigilos every night.
Fulfill what I need,
Still craving more light.

You keep me in the dark.
Far apart.
Far away from everything you consider art.
I know I know I’m not your Mona
So I’ll pick a different role and play your part.
I love to play games
Who’s to say I won’t roll the dice for the sake of the ‘fuck it?’

Didn’t I tell you I cared?
I know I was lying
My actions were louder.
Easier to let you go than to admit this might be alright.

I’m in love with music more than I love you.
More than I’ll ever love you.
That’s the truth.
Maybe I’m not in love with you.
I love what you do.
Your infatuation
Quiet persuasion
The way your eye contact can shut down a conversation.
Who’s to say what I’m saying isn’t worth debating?

For now we’ll let it go and I’ll just keep walking down this damn road.


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